Discussion: GSP Programmatic Considerations on Issues of Racism

Wed. Feb. 24, 2021 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
The German Society of Pennsylvania is dedicated to fostering understanding between the peoples of the United States and Germany. We provide through our programming, scholarships and the use of our historic building a deeper knowledge of the cultural forces in both countries that shape each and promote understanding of how Germans and German Americans have contributed – and continue to contribute their nations and the world.
In both Germany and the United States, racism is a central topic in the political, social and economic discourse. In the past, Germans and German Americans have played important roles in our respective societies struggles with racism, and they continue to as both nations struggle with their own histories and current conflicts.
This seems an appropriate time for us to consider ways for the German Society to contribute meaningfully to this dialogue – to benefit to our own communities here in Greater Philadelphia while fitting also furthering own mission.
For that reason, we invite you as a member of the German Society of Pennsylvania to participate in an on-line discussion (Zoom) in which we will brainstorm and consider precisely this question. Through its lectures, discussions, scholarships, and relations with the neighborhood and city around us, there are potential opportunities for the Society to be a good partner while bringing its own history and perspectives to bear on these issues. Considering that will be the goal of the meeting
When: February 24 What time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm Where: Online (Zoom) RSVP by February 22
An RSVP is required to participated so that we plan to accommodate folks productively on the Zoom platform. You can do so by emailing info@germansociety.org or by using the ticket selector below.