CANCELLED – Friday Film Fest: Akte Grüninger

Fri. Jan. 14, 2022 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm
The third of our Swiss movies is the story of Polizeihauptmann Paul Grüninger of St. Gallen near Lake Constance who from March 1938 until March 1939 helps Jewish immigrants cross the border from Austria into Switzerland illegally without a valid visa. He does this by falsifying documents and establishing a support system within the local community who share his humanitarian efforts. But he is unable to escape the scrutiny of the central government who sends the head of the “eidgenössischen Fremdenpolizei, Robert Frei, to investigate the border activities. What he discovers puts not only Grüninger’s position and the fate of the immigrants at risk but also leads Frei to question his own mission. Amidst the worsening situation for Jews in Austria and Germany the “Akte Grüninger” displays Switzerland’s own moral conflict in dealing with the ever increasing number of refugees from Hitler’s fascism.
German with German Subtitles
Proof of vaccination is required. Please bring your vaccination card (or a clear photo of it) and a valid ID. Once inside, masks are not required to be worn.