KA EXTRA: Intercultural Differences in the Business World

Wed. Jun. 12, 2019 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
In the Ratskeller, on Wednesday, June 12, 7 pm, we will have the pleasure to welcome John Otto Magee for a final talk within the KA Extra Series this spring. He will speak about Intercultural Differences between Germans and Americans and how these differences play out in the business world.
Many of us may have experienced even in very personal relationships between Germans and Americans a certain degree of unease, a feeling of “Fremdheit” between the other and us. We felt we had understood every word that was said, but something seemed to be missing. With time, this would occur less frequently, but even after years there are remnants of this surviving which may explain why we continue to cherish moments when we meet someone with “our” cultural background, when we can drop certain constraints and just speak the language we grew up with, our mother’s tongue.
How do these differences influence the ability of two cultures to collaborate on the international business stage? How do global companies manage merger and acquisition negotiations? How do they manage collaboration problems especially during the post-merger integration phase? John Otto Magee’s experience as an independent consultant focused on cross-border collaboration between Germans and Americans promises some good answers from the mouth of the expert. He has been a consultant within Siemens during the years 1999 to 2002 when he supported the post-merger integration of Westinghouse Power Corp. He has also been a staff member of the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group for several years advising its leadership on the relations between the United States and Germany. He resides in Bonn and Philadelphia. John’s talk will be in English.
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