Konversationsabend: “Actualities” with Karl Moehlmann

Wed. Sep. 13, 2017 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
We will start the fall of 2017 on Wednesday, September 13, 6pm in the Ratskeller at the German Society. Our September theme will again be Actualities with Karl Moehlmann. Karl will fill us in on last year's dominant debates in Germany, of which there are many: the ongoing problem with the refugee question, the trouble with Turkey, the car industry scandal, and the Hamburg riots at the G 20 meeting, not to mention Russia, the USA, the Middle East, and the European egg crisis (yes, eggs). And then there is a new election. With all these problems, little attention has been paid to the campaigns. They should heat up soon one hears, but will they? The outcome seems to be so clear. (But wasn't this also the case in November 2016?). Karl will try to shed some light on all of this, reminding us of the very different election procedures in Germany and their history, including the latest polls and speculations on possible coalitions. There may also be an informal pre-election. Again, Karl will brighten up the evening with a sample of the satirical "Heute-Show". It's always interesting to see how the comedians present the latest comedies on the world theater.
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