Konversationsabend: Actualities – Germany in Statistics with Karl Moehlmann

Wed. Sep. 19, 2018 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
We will start the fall of 2018 on Wednesday, September 19, 6pm in the Ratskeller at the German Society. Our September theme will be Actualities - Germany in Statistics with Karl Moehlmann. As always, Karl will remind us of current political trends in Germany, this time focussing on the latest statistics of the status quo in the country. He will discuss with us actual figures regarding the changes in energy supplies, migrant policies, budget planning, taxes and social expenditures, birth rates, criminal statistics, home ownership vs.renting, and the state of public education. This should be of interest to all of us and complete the image of the country most of us have developed through general discussion and information. Again, if there is enough time left, Karl will brighten up the evening with a sample of the satirical "Heute-Show", as it is always interesting to see how the comedians present the latest happenings on the world theater.
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