Konversationsabend: Wandertag

Sat. Jun. 15, 2019 - 10:30am - 12:30pm
We would like to remind you of the annual Wandertag which will conclude our spring session 2019. Join us for a walk in the woods and a picnic in the park.
We will meet on Saturday, June 15, 10:30am at The Willows, Radnor, PA. (Paoli-Darby Rd) to take a walk in the woods adjacent to the glorious Willows Park in Radnor Township. This park was once private property and you will see an elegant manor house on top of a hill, a beautiful lake and picnic and parking facilities. I will be waiting for you near the picnic area close to the park exit. (Drive around the lake and park next to the exit.)
Some of you might prefer just walking around the lake and then enjoy the lovely views. Others will walk with me up to the manor house and from there into the woods, up and down narrow hill paths, down to the creek where you can wade in the icy water - the perfect Kneipp cure if the day is hot and steamy. We will follow the creek a little further before we climb up another trail and return to the picnic area where we can have the brown bag lunch we brought - "KA-Mittagessen im Freien." The walk itself will not take longer than an hour (unless you want to extend it). We will pause for Wanderlieder. You may bring a friend and even your dog.
There will be no rain date, so we will walk even if there is some drizzle (at least no downpour) and then, if you prefer, eat at one of the many restaurants in nearby Wayne. Please RSVP.
All of our events are open to the public.
We welcome members and non-members alike.