June 8, 2020

Dear Members and Friends,


The German Society stands in solidarity with the Black community against acts of violence, hatred, and racism. We mourn the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the many other Black individuals who have lost their lives at the hands of those whose duty was to protect and serve their communities. We stand proud with the countless Philadelphians who participated in peaceful protests across the City over the past several days, often at risk to their own personal health and safety. In this sense, we follow in the footsteps of the first German settlers who signed the first declaration against slavery in Germantown in 1688.


But we also realize that standing in solidarity is not enough. We know that our organization needs to do more to promote equal justice and opportunity for all members of society. As we move forward through this crisis, our organization is committed to conduct critical acts of self-reflection in order to develop ways in which we can better serve all Philadelphians. This will be an ongoing process for us, but we are determined to do everything in our power to ensure that the German Society consciously contributes toward positive change.


We greatly appreciate the support and patience of our members and friends during this difficult time. We are listening, paying attention, and remaining humble, and we look forward to working with you toward a better future.

With best regards,

Anton Michels