The Society is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization governed by a 15-member Board of Directors that supports the 7 officers of the Society. The Board meets 5 times per year September through May while the Executive Committee (composed of the officers) meets in alternate months, also 5 times per year, October through June. Standing or specialized committees, typically headed by a Vice President, are responsible for planning and implementing various programs and activities. The key committees cover: Music, Arts, Library, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing/Events, Membership, Capital Projects,  Maintenance, Planning/Nominating, Scholarship, Film, and Personnel. A copy of our By-Laws can be downloaded here.

Officers and Executive Committee

Anton Michels

Vice President of Development
Ernie Weiler

Lew Volgenau

Vice President of Strategic Planning/Assistant Secretary
Bill Hardham

Vice President of Capital Projects
Hans Mueller

VP of Finance
Brian Norton

Jean Godsall-Myers



Directors, Class of 2019
Harold Glass
Josh Helfand
Marwan Kreidie
Mark McGuigan
Marnie Old

Directors, Class of 2020
Helga Halbfass
Allen Krumm
Daniel Lippard
Doris Simon
Maria Sturm

Directors, Class of 2021
Barbara Afanassiev
Edward Cattell
Frank Klare
Hajo Oltmanns
Hardy von Auenmueller

President Emeritus

James Mundy
Hardy von Auenmueller
Ernest Weiler


Office Manager
Liesl Jandrey

Administrative Assistant
Colleen Hayes

Bettina Hess