The Friday Film Fest invites you to another season of German cinema, offering unique insights into German language, culture, history, and current events through the lenses of some of the German-speaking world’s best directors.

Held in the gemütlichen Ratskeller – the cozy bottom floor of the German Society – each evening starts with dinner, dessert, and a bi-lingual introduction to the film. Commentary is provided, often including background information, analysis, criticism, and the directors’ larger body of work. Films are selected from the early German "golden era" of cinema to contemporary works. Afterwards, participants can take part in an English-language discussion. Most films are shown in German with English subtitles or German with German subtitles, see the schedule below for more details.

This year’s festival offers a wide variety of contemporary films and themes from which to choose. We hope you will come along for another year of thought-provoking art and exploration.


Film Schedule 2020/2021:

Friday, October 16th 6:30pm
Der Vorname (German with English subtitles)

Friday, November 20nd 6:30pm
Trautmann (German with English subtitles)

Friday, January 15th 6:30pm
Der Fall Collini (German with English subtitles)

Friday, February 19th 6:30pm
Atlas (German with English subtitles)

Friday, March 19th 6:30pm
Die Getriebenen (German/ No subtitles)

Friday, April 16th 6:30pm
Das perfekte Geheimnis (German with English subtitles)

Friday, May 21st 6:30pm
Steig Nicht Aus (German with German subtitles)

To read more about this season's films, please take a look at our 2020/21 FilmFest Brochure.

Read about our safety policies here.


You can also peruse an  archive of our film commentaries going back to 2001.