For more information about this year's Bösendorfer Youth Music Festival, please see the registration form at the following link:

The Bösendorfer Youth Music Festival is a competitive musical event for students aged 6-18 produced by the German Society of Pennsylvania and named after our beautiful Bösendorfer piano.

Registration typically opens in early January and closes sometime in February. The final concert for medalists is open to the public and takes place in March or April.

Only Classical music is accepted, and participants must submit a copy of sheet music - with measures numbered - and a link to their audition video. Performances should be kept to a maximum of eight (8) minutes per entry. Judges will provide feedback to participants and select Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners for each age group and instrument category. Medalists have the opportunity to perform in a concert for the public. Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners receive medals, and all participants receive certificates.

Musicians and ensembles are classified into four age groups:
- Elementary (grade 1-5)
- Junior (grade 6-8)
- Senior (grade 9-12)
- Mixed Age Ensemble

Registration fee:
$60 per individual musician
$100 per ensemble