• May 2016 Konversationsabend: Heine's Poems and Schumann's Music
  • Wading during the KA Wandertag on June 4, 2016.

One of the regular events at the German Society of Pennsylvania is the “Konversationsabend,” held in the Ratskeller from 6 to 8 pm on the second Wednesday of the month - February through May and September through December.

A group of about 20 people share an evening of pleasant and stimulating conversation in German. The conversations center on a predetermined theme, usually with a speaker who provides a brief introduction followed by open discussion and refreshments. The themes cover a wide range of interests reflecting the diversity of the group and the special expertise and the preferences of the speakers. Speakers can include members of the German Society, local or international professors, politicians, artists and more.

The group welcomes newcomers from all backgrounds, those who would simply like to speak German as well as those who wish to practice and improve their language proficiency in the relaxed environment of sympathetic native and non-native speakers.

If you are interested in joining please send an email to info@germansociety.org to be added to the mailing list.

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