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The German Society of Pennsylvania has a long history of language instruction. Part of the Society’s original mission when it was founded over 250 years ago was to help German-speaking immigrants learn English; now, the language program has transformed into a place where English speakers learn German.

Our students have many different reasons for learning German, whether it’s for business, to connect with their heritage, to keep up the language they learned in high school, or just for personal enrichment. We offer classes at all levels to meet your needs.

Our highly qualified instructors have a diverse array of backgrounds. They are native German-speakers, translators, and professional teachers of the German language who have an admiration and respect for the Germanic culture. They instruct not just in the language, but also in the literature, culture, business, customs and everyday life of German-speaking countries. We make every effort to create a "total immersion" atmosphere in the teaching of the language.

Class materials:
Students are currently required to purchase their own textbooks. Students will be given the ISBN number(s) of their required textbook(s) upon registration. Make sure to register early to ensure that your textbook arrives in time for the start of classes.

Tuition:                Varies by class. Please see registration form for details.

Membership:       $30

Due to economic setbacks, we no longer offer payment plans or prorated tuition. We do not offer refunds for unattended classes.

Choosing a Class:
Classes begin with 1A (complete beginners) and move up to 4E (advanced conversation). Classes are advance by letters within numbered levels (1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, etc.). If you are completely new to the German language, then you would sign up for 1A. If you have some prior knowledge of German, then we recommend you take our self-scored Placement Test to get an idea of what level you should start with. Please note, however, that you may move up or down a level within the same semester to find the correct course at no additional charge.

Class Cancellations:
If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, each student will be notified via phone and email as early as possible. At the next meeting, the instructor and students will then decide when to reschedule the missed class.

At this time, the German Society does not offer any sort of language proficiency certification testing. If you are applying for a job or program that requires a certificate of proficiency, please check the Goethe Institute's website. If you've taken German classes with the Society and need an official letter stating the amount and level of German instruction you've received here, please contact the office.