The German Society offers private tutoring sessions that are geared toward specific German needs or fast track studies.

Our tutors are available to prepare students for:

  • -travel to Germany for vacation
  • -travel to Germany for business
  • -professional development opportunities
  • -graduate school translation exams (any discipline)
  • -communicating with German relatives/in-laws
  • -speaking, reading, writing for fun

The Society and its tutors typically recommend  two (2) hours per week of instruction. More intensified studies are also available.

Tutoring costs $45 per hour and it is highly preferred that at least five (5) sessions are paid for in advance.

If you are interested in tutoring, please email or call the Society (215-627-2332) with the following information: 

-Phone number
-Email address
-Previous German experience (if applicable)
-Your goals related to learning German
-Your availability for lessons
-Approximate length of tutoring commitment

All tutoring sessions take place here on the Society's premises.
Tutoring is available all year long.  Please note that it may take up to two weeks after the initial inquiry for a student to be placed with an appropriate tutor.