The health and well-being of the planet relates to the health and well- being of human beings. Movement and exercise have been proven to make people happy and healthy, those same things also make the planet healthy. During the current epidemic it has become clear that it is of utmost importance that people take good care of themselves and become proactive in improving their health and well-being. Living a healthy life by simply walking more, exercising more, and eating better also improve the health of the planet.

What can be done to increase the opportunities for activity and exercise for people of all backgrounds and ages? GSP-Wellness will offer opportunities to be physically active with fellow members via zoom and in-person. Educational lectures and workshops on wellness and healthy lifestyle will be included in the near future.

GSP-Wellness will start with two events per month, starting in November:

  1. “Gentle Yoga” for wellness and relaxation will be offered via zoom every first Sunday of the month 11:00-12:00noon. Members who are interested will send an e-mail to . This event is free of charge to members and will be led by Dr. Selen Razon from West Chester University. PLEASE e-mail to register in order to receive the zoom link for the event.

Gentle yoga is a type of yoga that is accessible to everyone. Gentle yoga is suitable for those who want a smoother, easy-paced, and comforting practice. This type of yoga offers therapeutic modifications to traditional yoga poses and helps individuals' mental, physical, and spiritual needs. Most well-known health and wellness benefits of a regular yoga practice include increased strength, flexibility, and balance, improved sleep, and mindfulness, reduced stress, and weight loss. Gentle Yoga session can be practiced on a mat or chair – depending on the needs of the participants.

Check out the introduction of  "Gentle-Yoga" on the GSP website!

  1. “Wandern at the Willows” – Park in Radnor Township – will be offered every third Saturday of the month starting on November 21 at 11:00 am. There is the option to enjoy a picnic after the hike in the park (-must bring your own lunch!). This event is free of charge to members and will be led by Dr. Helga Halbfass. Details to be announced before each third Saturday! PLEASE indicate whether you are interested in participation by sending an e-mail to:

Disclaimer: By participating in GSP Wellness events, you acknowledge that physical exercise can be dangerous and involve risk of serious injury, paralysis and/or death. You acknowledge and agree to assume responsibility for all the risks, whether identified herein or not, even those risks arising out of negligence of the German Society of Pennsylvania. Your participation is purely voluntary. You assume full responsibility for yourself for any bodily injury.