Many of us are native Germans who immigrated in the decades after WWII and others are first generation Americans. Some have German roots that go further back and yet others simply have a love of the German language and culture.

We may speak any number of German dialects but are united in High German. If you don't speak German, please know that all of our business and discussions at our meetings are conducted in English.

There is a wealth of differences in our backgrounds such as upbringing, education, and customs that contribute to enriching our interactions. We are either still gainfully employed, retired - we run the gamut from homemaker, secretary, dental technician, teacher, businesswoman, lawyer, social worker, nurse, professor, pharmacist, artist, researcher and managers in different fields. We pursue a range of extracurricular activities from hiking, reading, traveling, music, art and so on. One activity unites us all - volunteering!

So, "what do we do?" It's that common denominator of volunteering. We are an independent organization founded in 1900 with the encouragement of then-President of the German Society, Charles J. Hexamer, and therefore actively contribute to the German Society in many ways. We support fundraisers, organize social programs for members such as the popular Hamburger Abend, and participate on GSP committees such as the Arts.  Bottom line, we lend a hand wherever and whenever there is a need.

In addition, we organize our own events, such as our Anniversary Luncheon, our Christkindlmartkt, and bus trips. We contribute to a number of charities, and, through the German Society, provide scholarships for college students whose major or double major is German, and provide cash awards to high school students at the annual AATG ceremony.

If you are interested in working with us on these and other activities, we will find a place for you and your talents. In response to those who claim not to have any specific talents, we reply that we have yet to come across a woman who has not been able to contribute in one way or another. Also, while working and learning together, we get to know each other, form friendships, and always have fun and many good laughs, too.

We warmly welcome fresh ideas and energy from new members that will help keep our mission alive for generations to come. Over the past several years, we have significantly increased our membership. Our meetings are open to those interested in getting an initial impression of the Auxiliary. If you like what you see, please join us!