Classical Guitar Meets Classic Wine: A Journey through Spain & South America

Sun. Mar. 19, 2023 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Curated by Eric Zillmer & Marnie Old
A wine-tasting like no other!
The relationship between music and wine can serve as a catalyst for enlightenment and conversation. Focusing on classical guitar music and selected classical wines from Spain and South America, creates a magical opportunity for expressing one’s inner creativity and senses. And it is fun! Join us, in the elegant social setting at the German Society of Pennsylvania, on a journey through Spain and South America into the world of classical music and classic wines.
Based on our first successful and sold-out musical wine tasting last year, where we presented music and wines from Germany, Austria and Italy, we will taste five to six different classic wines with different musical offerings, all paired by country, structure and notes. Participants are asked to consume the wine while listening to specifically curated live music while appreciating the complexity of depth and harmonies between the two. Between tastings there is ample time for conversation. This GSP program is in partnership with the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society.
Classical Guitar Players - Ana Vidovic, William Neman, John Penn, Tom Emery, Alejo de los Reyes, George Attisano
MC - Eric Zillmer
Sommelier - Marnie Old
This event is co-sponsored by the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society and Dietz & Watson.