Friday Film Fest: Atlas (2018)

Fri. Feb. 19, 2021 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm
German with English subtitles
Walter Scholl is a 60-year old packer/carrier in a moving company in Frankfurt. Fittingly, he has a tattoo of the ancient mythological titan “Atlas” on his forearm because he is the strongest in his group despite his advanced age. When his company, which specializes in court ordered evictions or “Entmietungen”, tries to remove a renter from his apartment, Walter’s life changes dramatically when he recognizes his son Jan at the door of the apartment. To evade the police, Walter had left his family when his son was a merely a child and had not seen him for decades. When the eviction struggle escalates, Walter tries to protect his son and his family including his grandson. This brings him into conflict with not only his professional obligations, but also with one of his colleagues called Moussa who is connected to a criminal Arab clan. To overcome their brutal methods, Walter has to rely on his strength and his willingness to sacrifice his own life for the wellbeing of his son’s family. The gripping denouement is a testimony to Walter’s personal development which concomitantly exposing the criminal aspects of the German moving business.
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